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hp_ultimateship's Journal

The Ultimate Harry Potter Shipping Community
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All Members , Moderated
HP Ultimateship is a community dedicated to discussing relationships in the Harry Potter fandom. Have you ever wondered why Snarry is so appealing to you when Drarry just doesn’t float your boat? Or why you think Hermione and Draco seem so more suited to each other than Hermione and Ron, when your best LJ friend loves Hermione and Ron together? Then this is the place for you! Discuss your opinions, favourite ships, least favourite ships and anything related to romantic relationships in Harry Potter canon or fandom.

Group Discussions
Every month, the community will set a Pairing of the Month, for which one person will write an essay explaining their thoughts on the pairing. This will then open the way to discussions about that particular pairing. Please note that essay is a loose term – we are not academics, we are simply fans. If you are interested in writing an essay, please go here. You are also very welcome to discuss other pairings whenever you like, by responding to a post or making a new post (providing that pairing hasn’t already been posted about)!

What Does Belong in HP_Ultimateship
- Posts discussing a particular het, slash or femmeslash pairing, threesome or moresome in a respectful, intelligent manner.
- Questions regarding pairings or a specific pairing, as long as they are general questions. If you are searching for fic, art, or icons relating to a specific pairing, please visit other communities.
- Responses/discussions based around the monthly essay post.
- Pimping of fests and other communities, as long as they relate to one specific pairing ie. a Harry/Luna community is fine, a Luna community is not.
- Posts making reference to adult concepts are allowed, as long as they are placed under an LJ cut and include a warning at the main post.

What Doesn’t Belong in HP_Ultimateship
- First and foremost, flaming and trolling of any kind is strictly forbidden! There are many ways to carry out a healthy discussion or debate without resorting to attacks on people or pairings. Anyone caught flaming or trolling will be banned. Remember,
R E S P E C T is the word of the day.
- Unfortunately, we will no longer be accepting fan fiction, art or icon posts in this community. There are plenty of communities out there that cater to all pairings in one way or the other, and they will be more than happy to accept your fic.
- Fic, art or icon searches.
- Posts that do not relate to at least one specific Harry Potter pairing.
- Discussion of real person fandom. If you slash Dan/Tom instead of Harry/Draco, this is not the place for you.

Posting Rules
- Very important!!!! Please ensure that any adult concepts are contained under a cut. Posters who fail to adhere to this rule will be warned once, then banned.
- Please place long posts under a cut – common LJ courtesy!
- Please check the tags list to see if a relevant tag already exists for your post. If not, just post without a tag and the moderators will add them in.
- Please entitle your post as follows:
Reason for posting: Pairing (Rating of Post)
Eg. Discussion: Neville/Charlie (PG-13)
or Question: Albus/Grindelwald (R)
- If you have any questions/comments for the maintainers, please respond to this post.

If there’s anything you're not sure about, ask a mod here!

If you would like to contribute an essay on a particular pairing for our monthly pairing theme, please see this post. If you would like to suggest a pairing for a monthly theme, please see this post.

Please respond to this post with any questions, suggestions or concerns regarding the running of this community. Posts are screened for privacy. Please refrain from PMing or e-mailing the maintainers directly.


If you would like to affiliate your community, please reply to this post.

The moderators of this community reserve the right to delete posts or ban members who do not comply with the rules and friendly spirit of the community.

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