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Write an Essay

If you would like to write a monthly pairing essay, please read the following information then reply to this post.
  • Essays must focus on one specific pairing, threesome or moresome. Rarepairs are fine.
  • Minimum word count is 500 words (see, it's low-pressure!), maximum is 2000 words.
  • The pairing does not have to be your OTP - if you wish to write about why you don't understand the attraction to a certain pairing, that's fine (as long as there's no wank!).
  • As above, no wank allowed. Any essays submitted with character-bashing, flaming, or bigotry of any kind will be returned for editing, and will not be posted if the problem cannot be resolved. You will also attract the contempt of the mods, who are usually very nice people. Be respectful in your opinions.
  • If you wish to write a formally-structured essay, go ahead. However, if you would rather write 600 casual words, that's fine too. The only standard is that it must be coherent. It is preferred if the work is beta-read.
  • An essay will be posted on the first day of every month. Please submit your essay to hpultimateship@gmail.com at least one week before the posting date.
Please copy and paste the form below into a comment. The mods will get back to you ASAP with confirmation of your posting date and deadline. Happy writing!  :   )